Monday, April 23, 2007


This should have been STEP ONE. But lets call it STEP TWO now. It's creating, planning and designing your character!! Duh! So here are a few possibilities I am thinking about. You'll notice they all have the same head shape, an egg head; that's because I am using the PUNTO PATTERN from PROJECT PUPPET. I sketched these in Flash directly with my WACOM tablet. I drew one featureless puppet, copied it 6 times and then drew different features for each one. Since this is my first ever puppet, I kept them very simple. I think it helps being an animator for this step. All those years of drawing and designing characters helps to bring out a personality, even a quick sketch like this. Now I need to decide which character to build. I have enough foam to make one character right now. But I would really make all 6 if I had the resources. So far I am leaning toward the TEXAS CHILI COOK. Which do you think I should make first?


mark said...

those sketches look awesome! i especially like the silverback :)

Easy Zee said...

Thanks Mark. The silver back eh? The only reason I added him was because I have a bunch of old black leather that I thought I could use as the skin of a gorilla. I need to get back to the puppet making soon. My progress was stalled because I got really busy with work. I see your puppets are coming along very nicely.