Thursday, June 28, 2007

holding together

The glue is dried, I took the string off. You can see how my arm will fit through the puppet body. And you will notice the seam in the picture on the right. It is actually the marker line I drew when I initially traced the pattern to cut out, the seam itself is tight. Just for that one seam, which is about 9 inches long, I used one whole glue stick in the glue gun. You can't be cheap with the glue, the puppet has to hold together.


mark said...

i found contact cement - though seemingly messier than the gun - to be a lot more efficient when glueing foam.

beginning with the hands and the body is just to make it more suspenseful to your readers, huh ;) can't wait to see your sketch come to life.

Easy Zee said...

Thanks for the tip Mark. I will have to give it a try with contact cement. How's your puppet coming along? The Guy Smiley/Frankenstein looking guy? You are building up your own suspense with that puppet. I can't wait to see him finished.